Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #98


Thirteen Things About the New Kitten in Our Household

  1. Her name is Flipdizzy. Often shortened to Dizzy.
  2. She was named for her trademark maneuver while playing with toys--the interactive ones on strings or sticks--when we moved them in a tight circle around her she would chase them until she was too dizzy to stand up and occasionally she would anticipate where it was going to be and do a back flip that pur her in position to catch it.
  3. We've seen her use this maneuver on her own tail. With less effectiveness.
  4. She was a tiny stray who took shelter under the front porch and...
  5. filched Sweetie's doggy food out of its cellophane wrapper in the wee hours.
  6. We humans became aware of her after she accepted Merlin's invitation to come out and play:
7. Merlin and Flipdizzy are now fast friends:
8. But I think Merlin is beginning to wonder why the baby gets to run free while he is still kept on a leash.

9. One of her favorite toys is Merlin's leash:
10. She bit Merlin's ear once in the first week of their relationship--clean through, drawing blood on the inside and outside of his ear just below the tip. He screamed and boxed her ears, knocking her for a loop. Which freaked me out until I realized it barely fazed her. She was running circles around him in seconds.
11. She has more energy than ten of me.
12. She stalks and chases hummingbirds, leaping off the porch rail into the flowerbed. She hasn't caught one yet.
13. She has caught (and eaten) lots of bugs--both flying and crawling kinds. She is so adept at this we suspect it was the mainstay of her diet while she was fending for herself.

See more pictures here.

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5 tell me a story:

Soul Pockets 8/07/2008 4:17 AM  

Very cute kitten. I love the pic of the kitten taking the leash, so cute.


JennyKat 8/07/2008 6:02 AM  

So cute!!!! I wanna kitten.

Jennifer C. 8/07/2008 8:14 AM  

My daughter wants a kitten. Your felines are cute, but they will not convince me to give in.

Anonymous,  8/07/2008 8:56 AM  

OMG! What a cutie! *wg*

Bibliolatrist 8/08/2008 3:31 AM  

I've answered the questions you've submitted for A Clockwork Orange - thank you for helping me tackle this book!

Click here to read my answers.

Have a great weekend! (And I love the kitten!)

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