Saturday, August 09, 2008

O'Rile Me

This speaks to why I am no longer interested all that much in being published by one of the 'big boys' aka the big publishing houses that are more than likely already folded into a multi-media monolith.

I mean really! Would you buy a book by Jeffery Dahmer on table manners for kids?

Seriously. Who would? And yet someone thought it was a good idea to produce this morality and ethics tract for kids which includes advice on interpersonal relationships by one of the most notorious bullies in all of mediadom: a man caught on tape bullying his co-workers and the guests on his show; a man who settled out of court with a co-worker who had taped him conversing with her about the interesting things he could think of using a loofah for ...

It is bad enough that the man still has a job! But seeing that the publishers are still hawking his hypocritical drek as fit for kids? That is gorge rising!

Who are the parents buying this book for their kids?

And I bet his manuscripts don't sit on an editors or agents desk for six to sixteen months while 'due consideration' is given as to whether it 'fits their current needs!'

I have no desire to share a publisher's imprint with this compost. (Um. I meant the book not the man. I think.)

Nor do I want to even bother trying to compete for the attention of those who even consider for a nanosecond that there is value in advice packaged for kids under the name and face of our nation's most iconic tantrum thrower, stalker and racist? Why would I entrust my work, into which I've poured my heart and soul and infused with the values of my spirit, into the hands of someone whose values are reflected in this shinola?

I wouldn't. I won't! I will find another way.

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