Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Warm Fuzzy Pinkness To Go

(This is a (cluncky)recreation from memory of the post I posted at my new site Tuesday night. My site got suspended for four days for an infraction--something Ed forgot to do. Because this post was time sensitive, I thought I better make the content available. Rather than make a second pass through the seven sites listed below, I will let them know as I visit either their TT or their Friday Snippets.)

L^2 @ Dog's Eye View gave me this:

"This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award."

Seven bloggers who have been instances of sweetness and light for me:

Bri @ Have Goggles Will Fly
Candy Minx @ The Gnostic World of Candy Minx
Gattina @ Writers Cramps
Joely @ Joely Sue Burkhart
Julia @ A Piece of My Mind
Rhian / Crowwoman @ From My Brain to Yours
Susan Helene Gottfried @ West of Mars

Note: there were blurbs with each name that I'm not going to try to recreate from memory. I will copy them into here after I regain access to them if we--Ed and I--choose to abandon the new site host.

3 tell me a story:

Joely Sue Burkhart 8/23/2007 8:32 AM  

Oh, thank you so much! *hugs* What a sweet gesture!

Julia Phillips Smith 8/23/2007 11:56 AM  

Wish you could have seen the look of delight and my mouth making the surprised 'oh' shape! Thank you so much, Joy Renee.

Bri 8/24/2007 1:07 PM  

Wow! Thanks! I didn't see this on my RSS, so sorry it took me so long to comment. :) Hugs! Thanks again!

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