Tuesday, August 07, 2007

As I Was Saying...

I don't do things by halves. Today the sleep deprivation caught up with me I guess. I shouldn't have been caught by surprise but I was. I had been getting by on less than six hours each day of my niece's visit which began with me already in the hole by 36 hours. I crashed hard when I finally let my guard down Tuesday morning about five. I probably would have joined Ed for a cup of the coffee I started for him before I lay down and then pushed on if I'd known that I was going to sleep until three and wake up with a head full of mud that wouldn't clear for another six hours after that.

I had hoped to wake before noon and get my meme visiting caught up before dinner and thus leave my night session free for getting back to my story world. Didn't happen. So I'm in the middle of returning my TT, Friday Snippets and Poetry Train visits on Tuesday night (thru the wee hours of Wednesday morning) and here it is only sixteen hours before this week's TTs start going up.

I've promised Ed use of the laptop from whatever time he gets home Wednesday (3-ish) until he's ready to give it up so he can do his TT. Which means I either have to have mine ready to go before noon or wait until after he goes to bed to do it. Which means I'm going to be sorely tempted to work straight on through until he claims the laptop which will be too late to get more than a nap before being called to dinner which means no work session tomorrow night and puts me right back where I was a week ago going into the TT and Friday Snippets rush hours with a major sleep deficit.

And where does all that leave my story world and commitment to Sven?

And then there is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Finishing my re-read of that and moving on to my first time with Half-blood Prince has taken on new urgency since Ed informed me this evening that a co-worker has loaned him their copy of Deathly Hollows which he left on his desk at work. So he'll probably have it finished by Sunday evening latest and if I'm going to take a turn with it before he gives it back... Though I still have the option of waiting for my nieces copy. She has finished with it and her mother is now reading it. Both she and Ed are aching to talk with me about the completed series.

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