Monday, August 06, 2007

I Never Do Anything By Halfs

Clips representing significant moments of Gilmore Girls Season 1 set to to When It's Over by Sugar Ray

For those of you as clueless as I was a month ago, here are links to YouTubes of the Starz Insider interviews with the cast after season 1: Part One & Part Two & Part Three

(I am seriously trying to avoid spoilers but just reading the titles on other selections as I searched for these has given me info I wish I didn't have yet.)

For anyone who has visited one of my memes since last Thursday and have not gotten a return visit yet, I owe an apology and explanation. I will be working to return those visits over the next day or so. The above videos represent the simplest explanation of what's become of me since last Thursday. The complex explanation follows: My 13 year old niece arrived here at her Grandma's last Wednesday in the late evening. We didn't get to have our usual into the wee hours of the morning hang-out that night because I'd already been up for over thirty hours by the time she got here. Though if she had waited until the following day as planned, I may have watched coverage of the bridge collapse right on through the night inspite of being punch-drunk with sleep depravation and ODed on Apocolyptic images.

By Thursday afternoon I'd gotten some sleep and we spent the day chatting and reading out in the yard. And that night we watched the second disc of Gilmore Girls Season 1, having watched the first disc the week before July 4th on her last visit. I had planned to keep on watching after she left last month but fell into Sven's Sauna on the 9th. So we started where we left off. Each disc exept the last one has four episodes on it and takes about three hours to watch straight through. We planned to watch one per night. But Friday night Ed stayed up waaaaay past his usual bedtime to visit with us and she and I were both too tired to start a disc by then. So we watched two on Saturday, starting one in the afternoon while every one else was at the dirt track races and another in the late evening which was interrupted for an hour when Ed and his folks returned near midnight. Then we watched the fifth disc Sunday night after everybody else had gone to bed.

We were watching the last episode on disc six when she had to leave Monday afternoon. That last one we were watching on my laptop in my room because we didn't have access to the TV with the DVD player in the front room. After she left, I watched the last ten minutes of the season 1 finale by myself. The scene with the 1000 yellow daisies for those in the know. And then I watched over an hour of bonus material.

I had pulled the box with the second season discs off the shelf and was seriously considering starting disc one to see what happens next. Season finales are almost always cliff hangers and this was not one of the exceptions. I might have succumbed to the temptation if Ed had not got home from work just then.

The problem with loving to be immersed in something is that it doens't leave room for other things to time-share your attention. I climbed out of my own story world Thursday night and into someone elses which was so awesome, I think I got intimidated.

My niece introduced me to the Gilmore Girls. She loaned me the first couple of seasons last Novemeber before news of the library closure. I had promised myself a reward for the hard work of NaNoWriMo in November of a fiction binge in December which was to include a marathon Gilmore Girls and the Lemony Snicket and Harry Potter books she had loaned me also. But word of the impending library closure derailed that plan. So what with one thing and another I never did watch a Gilmore Girl episode until after the series finale this year.

My niece has loaned me all six of the available seasons on DVD. I've had them for months (the last two since Easter I think) but because I've always been immersed in one thing or another since she handed me the first two last November, I kept holding them out as a reward for getting through something else. But now I've been immersed in Gilmore Gils and I am so tempted to stay in the water, to dive deeper and not come up for air until the end of season 6. But I don't dare. How would I explain that to Sven?

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Bri 8/07/2007 9:31 AM  

I did that with Battlestar Galactica and Lost (and then got a little disenchanted with Lost). Sven...Sven is not a TV sort of guy, I don't think. :D You may not want to get all the way through with GG - because then what will you do - you won't have anymore of it to watch! This is the reason I have not yet finished Jericho.

Anyway, have a great Tuesday, and good luck with your word counts!

Anonymous,  8/07/2007 12:26 PM  

What is a Gilmore Girl?

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