Friday, August 24, 2007

This and That

My mind and heart are elsewhere. And other duties call. So I am going to ramble about some of if for a few minutes and then get on with it.

I had to stop reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with Harry and Headmaster Dumbledore on the edge of a cliff above the sea about to climb down into a cave whose entrance is aswirl with seawater.

I was reading outside and lost the light just after eight. I haven't picked it up again because I suspect I won't want to put it down until the last page forces me to and, as I indicated above, I have duties.

One of which was to get a post started before midnight so the timestamp will at least count it for Friday. This might seem silly but I have managed to post every day since April 9, the day I returned the last library book. That commitment is highly symbolic for me and I know that failing to keep it would add a dozen lashes to my psyche's self-flagellation whip. Lashes with wicked hooks and shards of glass embedded in them at that.

The duty with the next highest priority is the dinner dishes still soaking in the sink. It was too hot after dinner. Sweat in the eyes and other threats to breakable dishes make it prudent to wait.

I also have return visits to make for Friday Snippets and TT.

And then there is the sweating for Sven which I have neglected since that excellent session Wednesday morning due in part to the wretched events of the latter half of the day. All of which was the subject of my TT. I am really anticipating getting back to my story world as I left off at a point where I still had plenty to say and stopped only because fatigue and eye-strain forced me to.

Tomorrow is Race Day Saturday. For Ed and his folks it is the highlight of their week when they attend dirt track races. It is often the highlight of my week too, at least since the closure of the libraries and the loss of my library Friday. This is my day to be home alone for eight to ten hours. The only racing I do is between the bedroom and the washer though. It is my day to do my chores with complete freedom of movement around the house. No worries about bumping into someone in the hall or using an appliance just when it is needed by someone else. And I can take as long as I want with my shower and shampoo.

Funny to think that chore day is the highlight of my week. But I think it is about that autonomy I have mentioned several times recently. Fending for myself at mealtime is huge also. Fixing what I want and eating when I want or not eating if that suits me. My anxiety level plummets on Race Day Saturday. I think there is only about six more race weekends though. I'm already dreading those long winter months with neither Race Day Saturday nor Library Friday to look forward to.

There is also the possibility of keeping both the laptop and the PC humming with projects from mid afternoon til as late as eight Sunday morning, though I haven't done that since I started 70 Days of Sweat.

So I am off to get those dishes washed. Which will give me a couple of guilt-free hours to finish Half-Blood Prince while sitting in front of the fan. After that? Well I'm keeping the plan loose because that is one of the joys of race day Saturdays. The ability to go with the flow, to be impulsive, to do what suits me for most of a whole day.

3 tell me a story:

Gattina 8/25/2007 1:52 AM  

Since I am reading Blogs I have no time for books anymore ! But I have to say that I devored thousands before I started blogging I really read a lot !

Ann 8/25/2007 7:20 AM  

Have a great day! Enjoy your autonomy.

Jamie 8/25/2007 2:14 PM  

Enjoy your reading, Sis. I'm glad to see you back at writing again, I'm enjoying reading about your adventures and the progress you are making. Love ya

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