Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #46

I was planning to do a follow up on last week's TT list on the fundementalist sect I was raised in. But I was having a hard time keeping my mind on it because, having just finished the book, it was still so filled with images and emotions from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Then I realized that there were parellels between certain elements of fundamentalism and the cult of Voldemort. And then I realized that I had the perfect opportunity here to get my revenge on the character that was giving me heartburn for the past week: Dolores Umbridge.

Each item in the list is linked to a YouTube video. The first five are segments from the A & E documentary about the movie. I posted them because there are clips of Professor Umbridge scattered through them that I couldn't get elsewhere. But I gave them the top slots because they touch on the theme I am discussing throughout. They are longish though at about ten minutes each. But well worth watching if you have the time. The rest of the clips are mostly short and occasionally humorous and some of them are actually related to the theme implied by the list item.

These weren't the only clips I watched. I confess that I began to prepare this post over twelve hours ago and intended to just make the simple list without much comment. But then I got the brilliant idea of looking for a video to illustrate the post. I mean a single video to embed at the top. Ten minutes round trip, right? Yeah, right.

I haven't seen the movie yet but cannot wait until it comes out on DVD so my niece can buy it and then loan it to me. :)

Now all I want to do is pick up Half-Blood Prince but I can barely see straight.

Thirteen Things about Dolores Umbridge with which I take umbrage

  1. She is pretentious
  2. She is cruel
  3. She is self-righteous
  4. She is controlling
  5. She is bigoted
  6. She is hypocritical
  7. She is officious
  8. She is malicious
  9. She is elitist
  10. She is xenophobic
  11. She rates rules higher than character traits like integrity or compassion but then exempts herself in order to enforce her will.
  12. She has ensured that pink will now give me nightmares
  13. She dredged up memories of my kindergarten teacher

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