Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Poetry Train #14

I'm going to drop this one without much comment since I'm so late getting it posted. I've always considered this a companion piece to my poem Remembering Dandelions which was a Poetry Train presentation several weeks ago. Probably because they both feature dandelions and memories from pre five-year-old childhood.

Summer Saturday Naps
by Joy Renee

Beyond my world beat and brass
Drumming corps with many feet
They practice marching
Off to war.

Dragon growls and chomps the grass
Browsing dandelion seas--
Daddy following
In its wake.

Kitchen sounds of water-hiss
Mixing juice and batters sweet
Timer tick telling
Mama, “Wait.”

Sun on window sash and glass
Spinning stories into dreams
Bright shadows sliding
Down the wall.

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