Saturday, June 29, 2013

To Sleep Perchance

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Two weeks into the night owl to early bird shift.  Yesterday I was feeling hope again.  Today not so much.

Had another rough night.  Was awake past midnight tho in bed before ten.  Slept hard in between frequent wake-ups. Was awake three different times for over fifteen minutes. Then when finally time to get up only wanted more sleep.  Have been lazy and lethargic all day.

Fiddled away morning playing Spider solitaire and so did not get anything productive done including a post.  Started working on the post at four by visiting cheeseburger and two hours later found the picture then spent an hour on quote sites looking for a quote.  Then an hour on the phone with my husband followed by another hour reading quotes about sleep and insomnia.

Collected a lot of interesting titles while I was at it but now, once again I'm just now wrapping up my post and about to begin the go-to-bed routine and it's already fifteen minutes past my ideal lay down time.

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