Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Gotta Be the Music 'cuz the Cuppa is Decaf

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Am sitting in The Electric Bean Internet Cafe in Longview WA with my sister listening to the music.  My mood has lifted so dramatically in the last hour I'm amazed by it.  It has to be the music 'cuz there's decaf in the cup.

The artist on stage when we first got here was Violet Winter Phan with guitarist and songwriter Jacob Westfall whom was a featured artist here another night I was here.  Violet was singing songs she had written or co-written with Jacob.  An enchanting sound.  Fun and lighthearted.

The artist singing right now is Tia Oulette a charming folk music, acoustic guitar sound.  Her songs are stories which I always prefer.  I wish I knew the drummer's name so I could give him kudos here too.  I'm as enthralled by what he is doing as by Tia's music.  I should probably call him the percussionist as he's not doing it all with only drums.

These are all young local artists.  By local I guess I mean the I5 corridor between Salem and Olympia.

Seriously!! Every time I come here I'm completely taken with whoever is doing percussion.  Can't take my eyes off them.  I've got to do something besides talk about my passion for percussion.  Gotta drown out that sixth grade band teacher's 'girls don't' and my Mom's 'can't play hymns with drums so don't even think about it' messages and claim my right to percuss.

All the tapping on every object in sight when I'm alone--with my drum sticks, my palms, my toes, my heels, my pencils, my crochet hooks, my bookmarks, my fingertips--isn't enough anymore.  I need to get my hands on the real things.  Even if I don't know a thing about what I'm doing and would make a total fool of myself ala a toddler with Momma's pots and pans

I had to go ahead and post this without editing or adding the links because I left my magnifying glasses at home and was looking at a dim screen since I was on battery and my battery was so low I got the 'plug-in-or-else' warning seconds after clicking publish.  But as I said I would in this paragraph before I just edited it out I came back to edit and add links after I got home.

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