Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Serenity #342

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Day 9 of the experiment in time, the metamorphose of a lifelong night owl into an early bird in the hopes of creating a block of safe time for my writing while I'm here at my Mom's.  Though I learned today that my husband is excited about this attempt and hopes that, if it works out, I'll consider maintaining it once we're back in our own home together again.  All I can say is that it would have to work spectacularly well. It was only telling myself 'this is temporary' that made it feel possible to try in the first place.  But I'm open to it.  And if I've learned nothing else from this 'lifequake' it is to never say never.

Today I woke at 7am after close to nine hours of sleep and by 8am I was reading.  And not the light fiction I'd been treating myself with all week as the reward for making this extraordinary shift in my self-identity.  Lured by an email subject I found myself on the Brain Pickings site reading articles on inspiration and anxiety fueled creativitiy and then doing Google searches on titles and authors mentioned in said articles.

That was definitely a sign in favor of this working out because that was most definitely brain work and not only did it start less than an hour after I woke up, it was also not caffeine aided.  At least at first as I didn't start sipping at my green tea for over an hour.  Nor was it day meds abetted as I did not take them until after nine.

One of the things my husband said in our chat this afternoon that I need to consider too, is that 4am may be unachievable as my circadian rhythm may not allow for being asleep by 8:30pm even if I can swing all the other variables around my self and this household toward that goal.  I resisted at first but I'm going to keep an open mind and watch my physical, mental, and emotional reactions to the schedule changes and if, I eventually have a string of 5am or even 5:30am wake-ups followed by hours of productive brain work, I won't allow myself to feel like a failure if I can't push it any earlier.

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