Thursday, June 27, 2013

So That's Where It Went...

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Nearly two weeks into the night owl to early bird metamorphosis now.  Frustrations still abound but I can see progress.  The last several mornings I've been waking just after six-thirty without an alarm.  But the nights have still been rough with me always hoping for a 9pm lay down but ending up closer to ten and then not being able to sleep until closer to midnight.  At least the last two nights tho I've slept through once I was asleep.

I'm more than two hours past my hoped for bedtime tonight.  Everything got thrown out of whack when I tripped over the dishwasher door while cleaning up the kitchen.  Again.  Went all the way to the floor this time and broke my clip-on reading glasses which allow me to see the netbook screen from a comfortable typing distance.

As for me, I got a nasty jarring of joints, a small bruise on the top of my left foot, a skinned pinky knuckle on my right hand and it feels like probably a bruise on the side of that hand below the knuckle and my right wrist hurts.  I suspect typing is going to be a challenge by morning.

I would have just gone straight to bed after that happened but I'd forgotten to get my post up earlier today.  I've still not got it set in my head that posting must be done before dinner if I want to be in bed by nine.  And tonight like last night dinner prep was on me as my sister is attending a four day retreat.  So my free time ended at 4:30 at which point it was all about dinner prep, eating then reading to Mom and then kitchen clean-up.

Ideally my post should go up before lunch to leave the afternoons for physical and social activities.  Well, I guess I will work all that out eventually.  Right now I need to go find my pillow.

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