Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Serenity #341

Remembering my Dad today.

The  picture was taken on Father's Day 2005 by my sister, Jamie.  His last Father's Day with us.  We lost him that September.

I'm going to reprise the poem I wrote for Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary 1995:

by Joy Renee

Time was there was no we
Only you and only me
Solitary I’s enclosed, apart.

Time went far to bring us here
To where we are--our
Unitary I’s--entwined by love.

Time is now for making strong
Our fragile, time-made bonds--
Singular I’s and thou’s in synergy.

Time will be when all our we’s
Conjoin in heaven’s harmony--
Tributary we’s in eternity.


Now that Ed and I are only five years out from our own 40th anniversary those lines have an extra poignancy.

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age spots 6/17/2013 12:59 AM  

First of all, congratulations for being with your husband for 35 years (and counting) and I hope that you both have a beautiful 40th anniversary together. Second, the poem you made for your parents is beautiful. Lastly, happy father's day to your husband.

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