Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sunday Serenity #339

Ever since we got back to Longview on May 11th I've been taking Merlin for walks on his leash around Mom's yard nearly every afternoon.  I take the camera sometimes hoping to get pictures to share with Ed who misses Mers.  Often I find myself aiming the camera at other things that catch my eye tho.

This was a corner of the backyard which is overgrown having been neglected since late last summer when the lawnmower broke down and so far this year my sister has been so busy (what with all those trips with me to Phoenix after my stuff among other extras like doctor and social service appointments) she hasn't had much time for the yard and what time she has found when the weather was also cooperating she has devoted to the front yard that is visible from the street.

She is mortified by the condition of the yard but I find more than a little beauty in it. This scene especially.  By squinting a tad and closing my ears to the sound of traffic, weed eaters and the loud speakers at the Little League park down the street I can almost believe I'm standing in a pasture in the country instead of the middle of suburbia.

All Merlin and I would need to make this a purrrfect portal to bliss is a blanket, a picnic basket and Ed.

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