Saturday, June 22, 2013

Night Owl Dreams on Early Bird Wings

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Day eight of the campaign to switch hours from late night to early morning on behalf of my writing and I'm still at what I consider the half-way mark since I woke at 8am but for the first time the whole day went better than I anticipated and was quite productive on all fronts except the writing.  Which I'm ecstatic about since I've purposely not put any pressure on myself for the writing as I knew the changes would discombobulate me too much.

So I've been testing the viability of the plan to use the pre-noon hours for brain intensive work by reading a novel.  And not much of a serious novel at that.  But a fun one.  That has been the carrot to pull me out of bed at whatever time I wake up that is more than 7 hours after I got to sleep.  Based on the success I've had with sustained reading after my morning meds kick in, it looks like this can work.

Now after eight days a glimmer of hope and a skeleton of a possible schedule is forming.    Wake-up to noon is brain work and that includes daydreaming.  Four hours isn't enough for all of the brain work I need to do each day tho.  I need at least six and eight would be better.  Meanwhile the hours between noon and six are shaping up well for all the physical tasks from meal prep, showers, exercise, kitchen cleanup and etc.  As well as socializing with family.  Then after dinner is reading to Mom followed by a good night phone call to Ed followed by a quick post.  That last tho is one of the brain tasks that I hope to move to the pre lunch hours as soon as possible.

I've just taken my night meds and am about to click publish and it isn't yet nine-thirty.  I should be in bed by ten and hopefully asleep by ten-thirty so I can get up before seven if I wake up without an alarm.  That is one of the keys--waking up without an alarm after a minimum of 7 hours sleep means I've gotten my sleep out and hit a natural up cycle of my circadian rhythm which lessens the chance that I'll have to fight the brain fog for hours afterward.

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