Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is Today Over Yet?

Supposedly all I need to do is start singing.

It's been a long day.  This is the first of five that I will be on duty with Mom--until Monday evening late--while my sister is attending a training camp for her work with troubled kids.

I started it off with only three hours of sleep so it is no wonder I'm feeling a bit whammied.

But also quite pleased as it went well.  No accidents, no major frustrations, no mistakes.  I fixed quesadias for lunch and chicken burgers for dinner.

There was one snag tho I wouldn't call it a major frustration.  I got nervous when the George Foreman Grill started ticking loudly a few seconds after I plugged it in and kept it up at intervals of several seconds to half a minute.  So I unplugged it.  And it continued to tick away.  So I had my nephew text his Mom to ask if that was normal and after twenty minutes got back the reply that it was normal and that it was the thermostat.  Silly me.  So inexperienced at my age.

During dinner I was sharing with Mom my enthusiasm for my current re-read of The Secret Garden and after I'd given her a near play by play of the plot so far I said I might as well have gone and got it and been reading it to you.  She seemed to like that idea so I did.  And I backtracked about ten pages and then read about thirty before she said she was ready to head to bed--nearly ninety minutes past her usual time to do so.

By reading aloud to her I got to continue reading without feeling like I was being rude or anti-social.  When we quit at nine-thirty I said I would refrain from continuing until she was ready to hear more tomorrow.  I do after all have five books I'm advancing through currently and two of them for blog tours in the next two weeks.

I discovered something though.  Or maybe rediscovered it.

I like to read aloud.  Who'd a thought.

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