Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Fling Finale

SITS Girls Spring Fling Event:
A Blog Improvement Challenge--
Build Your Community &
Improve Your Blog
Today was the last day of the SITS Girls Spring Fling.  I spent a lot of time working on the assignments for Tuesday (About Page) Wednesday (Best Of Paage) and Thursday (Do Something New).

The new thing I'm doing is setting up Pages in Blogger.  I've known I had the capability for over a year but kept putting it off.

You ought to be seeing the About Page in the top section of the left sidebar.  I tried to get the links to show in tabs across the top but it wouldn't take for some reason and I think I actually like it this way better anyway as there are going to be over six total when I'm done.

I put a lot of time, thought and effort into it over the last several days and still have only the About Page ready to publish and even yet consider it still under construction.

I don't know if I'm going to have a Best Of Page as I am planning to have several others that serve a similar purpose only splitting the best posts into categories: Reading, Writing, Fiber Art etc.  Once I have them ready they will replace in function what the Portal Posts have been for:

Book Review Portal will become part of the Joyread Page
Poetry Portal will become part of the Joywrite Page
Fruits of the Spirit Story World Portal ditto

1 tell me a story:

Unknown 5/18/2012 3:04 AM  

Hello Joy - your post on SITS was just above mine and I think I am supposed to critique your "About" page, but can't find your post again. Anyway, my comments are:

Overall I like your "About", but you need to capitalise the first letter of each paragraph, - you have done this in the later paras but not earlier ones. Also LOLcats is not all one word. I suggest breaking your final paragraph up a bit into sentences, rather than using semicolons. Finally, crop or photoshop photo of Merlin, as background a little cluttered, perhaps show that beautiful box as a separate photo if it relates to your crafts. All in all, a good job, however. I have much more to do on my "About" page.
Don't worry if you don't want to publish this comment as it is only intended for you, not everyone else to see.
As you sometimes blog about your cat, I suggest you visit " which is for cat bloggers, you can leave a link to any posts about Merlin, I've found it good for getting new readers. Wishing you every future success with your blog. Best wishes Jewel.

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