Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Serenity #285 Mother's Day Blessings

This was the state of Mom's scarf/shawl when I had to give it to her today and then take it away. It might be a bit over half done. I have 21 of the long rows. I'm aiming for 33.

I've been awake since before noon on Saturday because I kept crocheting so long this morning I lost my chance to get more than a nap before it would be time to fix lunch for Mom so I elected to keep on crocheting until time to fix lunch.

But then my brother surprised us by calling from Portland to say he was bringing his kids [only the youngest is technically still a kid] and Jamie up to take us all out for dinner.  And we all decided to save our appetites for that and just nibbled a bit on our own instead of me making lunch.

So I was off the hook for making lunch and dinner which was a huge blessing.  Considering how yesterday when well rested I manged to knock the cutting board off the sink rim onto my bare toes.

I showed Mom the scarf/shawl at the restaurant after she had looked at the Family Mother's Day card.  She asked me if I was making a 'fascinator'.  A word I'd never heard but she said it was like a scarf but bigger and could cover your hair and wrap around your neck.  She said they were popular when she was in high-school

So maybe that is what I'm making.  A fascinator.  [not sure of tha spelling

Well I have been nodding off over this from the moment I started prepping the pictures.  I better surrender to it.

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