Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thread Thirst

After dinner this evening my sister and I went to Michael's craft store and wandered for over an hour.  I spent $24 on what you see in the picture.  I ran out of the dark blue ribbon the last time I was dressing crocheted bookmarks so I grabbed that.

My Mexican variegated thread has been attached to my rainbow bag project for over a year and is getting low anyways.  The coral pink bamboo thread has been attached to the mini-diaper bag project I began in December.  The lime green thread is just something I've had my eye out for as two of my friends/family identify it as their favorite color.  I wish I could get it in size 10 but the size 3 will do for now.

The black yarn with blue metalic thread is something I've wanted for myself since I first saw it on the rack around Xmas.  I'm thinking of making a hat as I think I can do that with a single skein  I could also make a purse.  It isn't soft enough to suit me as a scarf.  But it wold be nice as one of those vests worn over blouses.  The fancy beads are for a project I'm making for a gift.

The four sheets of plastic canvas and the white cord for working them are for a project I've had in mind ever since I got my netbook.  I've had this concept for creating a case that binds together the external components to the netbook for ease of transport.  So that when I want it that way the DVD player can be attached and carried about the house or to the library as though it was a regular laptop.  This would eliminate the hassle of packing and unpacking cords.  The external storage drive will also fit as well as the mouse and possibly the power cord though I don't mind if the power cord stays separate as I don't intend for this to be a carrying case.  I'm not sure it will be sturdy enough for that anyway.  I've been using shoe box lids and rubber bands for the purpose since mid 2010 which was meant to be proof of concept not an ugly alternative.  The cardboard is wearing out so I need to rebuild the thing one way or another.

As promised yesterday here is Mom's scarf/shawl with the hand-painted silk lace-weight thread as it was about an hour ago:

It's about 4in wide if the mesh is partially stretched out but it naturally wants to bunch  I have 8 rows in.  I'm hoping for 14 or 16 inches wide which means 28 to 32 rows apparently.  In two days!!  Well it takes me about 45 minutes to do two rows.  That's 4 rows in 3 hours.  That means I'd need to put in 20 more hours by Sunday morning.  Ooops.  Not likely.

I have been trying to work on it only when I think Mom won't be aware of it--in the afternoon when she naps or at night when she sleeps or when I know she is busy in the living room and I'm in the bedroom where I can hear her distinctive shuffle in the hall in plenty of time to put it away.

I didn't work on it very long after posting last night as I got sleepy after only two rows.  Then this afternoon I spent quite a bit of time in the front of the house so I was working on a different project which also has a due date before the end of this visit.  Well I guess I better get busy again.  Let's see how many rows I can put in tonight.

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