Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Forays in Fiction: Joining a Read-a-Long

Join the Read-a-Long for
The Secret Garden
by Frances Hodgson Burnett
I've been on a nostalgia kick for favorite fiction from my childhood as well as fiction I encountered or heard about but never got around to reading.  I've been hunting down ebooks of as many of the public domain ones I can find and just recently downloaded seven novels by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

When I saw Sheila's announcement at Book Journey for the May Read-a-Long for The Secret Garden, I thought to myself What better way to ensure that I actually read one or more of these than to join a read-a-long.

The Secret Garden will be a re-read for me.  The other six titles I downloaded form Guttenberg are not.  Most anyway.  I may have read The Lost Prince and/or A Little Princess but there were so many titles of children's books with the words Prince or Princess in them that I can't be sure I'm remembering the right ones.  Plus the titles are familiar to me from my game of Authors which include among its for titles for Frances Hodgson Burnett, the three I've just listed plus Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Authors was a card game a bit like Go Fish but you were going after sets of four titles by a number of authors.  My game was all children's titles but I believe there was an adult version too.  I've often wished I still had my little deck of author cards.

I once set out to read every title represented in the deck but I never completed that mission.  It seems like there were 24 titles.  For some reason that number popped into my head as I was thinking about it.  Which would mean there were 6 authors.  I'm remembering Frances Hodgson Burnett, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott,  & Robert Louis Stevenson.  But I'm drawing a blank on a sixth so maybe there wasn't.

Does anyone else remember having that game?

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Sheila (Bookjourney) 5/07/2012 7:48 PM  

YAY!!! I am so excited -there are 27 people currently signed up to do this read a long with us :)

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