Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Let There Be Light

We finally got the mogul based bulb for this vintage 1950s floor lamp that I brought back from Longview last month.  I love this lamp.  It has been in my life from the beginning.  It stands sentinel over my earliest memories of home.

It continued to be the main lighting for the living room of my childhood homes beyond the day I left home.  I'm not sure when it got banished to the basement.  Maybe at first it was meant to be part of the decor of the rec room but at some point the rec room became a storage room and then one end of it became my nephews bedroom in 2004.

At any rate a few years ago--I think it was when I was starting the family photo scan and was down rummaging in the stuff at the end of the room that remains a storage area--I noticed the lamp standing in a corner without bulb, shade or diffusing bowl.  It saddened me.

Then when we moved into our new place in December and noted that there were no ceiling fixtures in the living room or bedrooms my first thought for lighting the living room was this lamp.  So I asked for it.  I accommodates a 3-way bulb and all through my childhood the bulbs we used went from 40 or 60 watt up to 100 or 150.  The bulb Ed picked up starts at 100 and ends at 300.  Not exactly energy saving.  :(

But Man oh Man does it give light!  And for me, because of the RP, Light Rules!

Eventually of course I wold like to put an energy saver bulb in it but it means getting an adapter thingy to screw into the mogul base to accept the standard base of regular bulbs.  I'm not sure why Ed didn't go that route this time.  Either he gave up trying to find one or he didn't like the price.  But for now I'm just going to revel in the light.

Having this lamp for the living room now meant I could move the table lamp we were using in there into the bedroom.  It was one of the matching pair I brought back from Longview last month that had belonged to a friend of my mom's who passed.  Eventually I want both of them in the bedroom but one is lighting my office until I can replace it, with a good full spectrum floor lamp that I can move from reading station to writing station to crafting station in here.

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Jamie 5/03/2012 12:52 AM  

I remember the lamp, I believe when dad got the new couch and stuff before the ones they have now they got new lamps so that mom can see better with better light. I am glad that you are able to have the lamp to help you. I got moms old mixer from when mom and dad got married in 1955. Still works like a charm. I just need to get back to cooking and baking.

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