Thursday, February 09, 2012

When the Ones You Love Do You Wrong


For the last two posts I've rhapsodized over libraries.  Tonight the bloom is a tad off the rose.  Well.  No.  I'm not going to stop loving them over this.  I'm just frustrated.

I spent over two hours TWICE today on searches for which I was trying to collect titles on certain themes to take closer looks at later.  I spread a wide net.  In the first search I'd gone through 45 pages of ten titles each saving to a working list the titles I wanted to collect.  That's 440 odd titles I looked at and of them saved maybe 40 some. Now the working list isn't saved I need to follow up after the search and save the individual items to permanent lists on my account or, as I used to do before I decided it might be convenient to have the lists right there in my account accessible as easily from the library as from home, copy/paste title and author to my note ap.  So if for some reason I don't do this I loose the list.  

Well, I got called away from the computer and when I got back my session had timed out.  Which is what it does if you stop actively clicking on links for more than five minutes.  No more list.  The second search brought up nearly 1400 items and I'd made it through 40 odd pages again, this time saving probably close to eighty titles.  And this time with me sitting right here with my hand on the mouse and continuously clicking links I was suddenly, out of the blue, presented with a dialog box telling me my session had timed out.


I don't dare begin another search tonight.  I'd still be at it at dawn.  But next time I'm either returning to the old tried and true method of copy/paste to my note ap or I'll take the time before the search to create permanent lists with the appropriate titles that I can add titles to as I go and eschew the working list altogether.  The latter is probably the way to go as I did have a couple of lists already in use that maybe fifteen to twenty of the titles fit into and I didn't loose them.

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