Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reading Rules

Sorry, I dozed off.  Can you start ober?

Sorry but this is going to be a lazy post.  I've invested a lot of words into projects and on subjects that aren't mine to share in the last couple of days and am feeling all tapped out.  Well not so much tapped out but not able to switch spigots. 

Add to that the fact that my heart has belonged to reading for many days now and that I'm feeling the pressure of deadlines for reviews and for returning the library books I have out on my sister's card as the day approaches for my return home and I just have to admit that I'd rather be reading than writing about reading.  

My return home was scheduled for this coming Saturday but has been moved back yet again probably beyond March 5.

I have literally fallen asleep over books nearly every night for the past week or more.  Besides the review copies I've mentioned in the past month  and the library books I listed on Saturday I'm reading an ebook of 1Q84 and can't press the spacebar or 'forward key' fast enough during the hour or so each day I get to spend on it which is usually between the time I post and the time I sleep.  So the sooner I finish this the sooner I can get back to 1Q84.

Besides, I need to sleep early tonight as my sister is going to be out of town all day tomorrow and I will be on duty for serving Mom meals and otherwise tending to her needs. Which means that if I don't make time for 1Q84 soon I won't get to at all tonight.

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