Monday, February 20, 2012

Can You Believe it?

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Apparently Blogger and Gmail log ins are tied to one another for several times now I've gotten signed out of Blogger while in the middle of writing a post and gotten the message that saving had failed because I'd signed out from another location.  The first time this happened I thought they meant that someone else had logged me out from another ISP maybe even another town or country which wasn't too unlikely to consider since last year my Gmail got hacked and was being signed into and used by individuals in Eastern Block European countries and Africa.  But in these cases that other location was apparently Gmail since each time this happened I discovered Gmail had logged me out as well.  Each time this happened I lost a significant amount of work since I'd been depending on the autosave and did not get a message warning me that autosave had failed it was only after I'd clicked 'save' or 'publish' that I was told. 

This is not acceptable!!!

I don't understand why the two need to be tied together in the first place nor why they would assume that just because I logged out of one I wanted to log out of the other.  They are two different applications and tho sometimes I need them both open at once as when I'm transferring info from an email to a post usually I'm ignoring one while using the other.  If the situation had been the other way around--ie I was logged out of Blogger which caused me to log out of Gmail while drafting an email--it would be just as frustrating.

I'm too tired and frustrated to redo so instead of the post I was working on earlier I'm putting up this mini-rant with LOLcat

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