Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Sound Does Joy Make?

What sound does Joy make falling in the dining room, banking off the bookcase and bringing along for the ride a piggy bank half full of pennies, several framed pictures and a sheaf of loose papers?

A thunderous clatter?  KERTHUMP JANGLE THUD

I confess I wasn't listening.

About 20 odd hours ago I fell, tripping over something I was trying to walk around then bumping into the dinning room table while off balance having my stocking feet slip out from under me like bowling pins hit by a strike ball.  I then bounced off the bookcase on my way to the floor letting fly the teacup I was bringing to the sink and landing with my left arm trapped against my ribs.

Nothing was broken.

Except my dignity.

I'm only now really starting to feel the aftermath in all my joints.  The worst is my neck which feels whiplashed.  Next loudest complainers are my shoulder sockets and the ligaments leading out of them in both directions.  After that would be my whole ribcage.  The rest is just a welter of minor twinges from toes to triceps.

In spite of having to move like a woman twice my age all day I got more productive things done today than in the whole week preceding.

The biggest task completed was formatting my external hard drive to prepare it for use as backup for my files.


The second biggest task was the backing up of my creative and research files.  There is still a long ways to go to get everything backed up but those are the most important irreplaceable files.

The third thing I accomplished was three hours READING an ebook that isn't a review copy but just for personal pleasure.  I list that as an accomplishment at par with the others because one of the realizations I had on Monday while wallowing in self-disgust was that I was spending time I could be reading downloading books that will likely sit unopened in my files for years.

For the last two days I've kept my browser closed most of the time.  Opening it only for specific tasks then opening only the tabs I need to complete that task and closing it again.  I'm giving myself this last chance to demonstrate some discipline before I impose the dedicated non-admin desktop on myself for writing.

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