Saturday, February 18, 2012

Got My Face In the Books

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I've got books out of three libraries on my sister's cards.  With my leaving date closing in (possibly next weekend) I'm frantically trying to get what I need/want out of as many of them as I can.

From the Longview library I've got a mixture of fiction and non-fiction.  Some of them I've been checking out every time I come to town for the last several years, some I grabbed off the new book shelves on my visit there a couple of weeks ago, some I found in catalog searches on certain themes and a few I last checked out when I still lived in Longview and are books not in our Rogue Valley System:

Shardik by Richard Adams
Solstice by Joyce Carol Oates
The Swan Maiden by Jules Watson
The Venetian's wife : a strangely sensual tale of a Renaissance explorer, a computer, and a metamorphosis / by Nick Bantock.
Reading on the Brain by Stanislas Dehaene
Connectome by   Sebastian Seung
How to Fix Copyright by William Patry
Aladdin's lamp : how Greek science came to Europe through the Islamic world by Freely, John.
Banquet at Delmonico's : great minds, the Gilded Age, and the triumph of evolution in America  by Werth, Barry.
Q, the earliest Gospel : an introduction to the original stories and sayings of Jesus by Kloppenborg, John S., 1951-
White Protestant nation : the rise of the American conservative movement by Lichtman, Allan J.
Literature suppressed on religious grounds.
Literature suppressed on sexual grounds
Literature suppressed on political grounds
Literature suppressed on social grounds 

And there are four fiber art books not listed on crochet and embroidery and selling handcrafted items.

The books from the Vancouver WA county system all happen to be on the craft of writing or the writing life::

VAN  And so it goes : Kurt Vonnegut, a life   / Shields, Charles J., 1951-  
VAN   Revision : a creative approach to writing and rewriting fiction   / Kaplan, David Michael
VAN   The half-known world : on writing fiction   / Boswell, Robert, 1953-  
VAN  Description   / Wood, Monica  
VAN   Alone with all that could happen : rethinking conventional wisdom about the craft of fiction writing   / Jauss, David.

These last two I don't have in hand yet.  They are waiting for pickup but my sister may not be going north again in time so I may not get them at all. :(

VAN  Shouts and whispers : twenty-one writers speak about their writing and their faith
VAN   Proust and the squid : the story and science of the reading brain

And from the Lower Columbia Community College the theme seemed to be psychology and comparative mythology--both with the flavor of gender studies.  These are research for my FOS storyworld:

LCC Women, androgynes, and other mythical beasts by Doniger, Wendy.
LCC Boundaries of the Soul by June Singer
LCC  The power of love to transform our lives and our world / June Singer.
LCC  Twice upon a time : women writers and the history of the fairy tale by Elizabeth Wanning Harries
LCC  The implied spider : politics and theology in myth   by Doniger, Wendy

Turned out there is a limit of five books for non-students so I have to send two back before I can get these.  So am trying to finish with the two just above this weekend so I can trade them out.  At just 200 pages each they are the two shortest of the five my sister brought home.

LCC Androgyny : toward a new theory of sexuality / June Singer
LCC  The witch in history : early modern and twentieth-century representations / Diane Purkiss.  

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