Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Lingering Longing

I got to spend over two hours browsing the shelves at the Longview Public Library this afternoon. My sister dropped me off and then came back for me after she'd served Mom her dinner.

I just love the Longview library. Not only is it a beautiful building inside and out it just has an atmosphere of welcome and wonder. I suppose a lot of that sense is created by the many many many hours I spent there in my first two decades. It was my first library and my memories of it go back to toddlerhood. Storyhour, first card, homework, reading to my babysitting charges in the children's room... My piano recitals were held there.

Going there always puts me on the nostalgia train...

I came home with 11 books. Or rather back to Mom's. As the librarian told me the due date I realized I would not be renewing this batch as I'd be home (back in Phoenix) before they were due.

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