Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sunday Serenity #269

15 projects begun with the #9 hook I lost three weeks ago and found yesterday

Today I luxuriated in the feel of using my size 9 hook again, first getting out projects languishing for lack of it and then starting new ones.  Now I'm itching to see how many of these I can finish by next Sunday.

First in the list is my rainbow tote which actually represents four tasks: the bowl for the bottom needs another inch or two; the shoulder strap needs 4.5 more circlets attached by interlocking the variegated circlets; the 4 inch tube for the top section; the two bobble rows that will attache the striped  mid section to the tube and the bowl.

By next Sunday I would like to have finished the bowl and begun the tube and have finished the shoulder strap.

The rest of the projects are small individual one and tho in some cases they represent one of a planned set I count them as single projects.  Generally from left to right:

  • the lilac lacy book mark begun today.  First of a planned set of three.  I call these sets The Sister Sets because when I do them I make one of each in the same pattern in the favorite colors of each of my sisters and myself: pink, purple and blue.  I would like to have finished all three by next Sunday.  And tucked tails and dressed them in their ribbons etc.
  • the zigzag bookmark in pink purple and peacock blue.  First in a Sister Set and begun last spring which has tied up those three colors for long enough thank-you.  I would like to have this one finished and be at least halfway on the second.
  • the black rose begun Christmas day.  It might already be off the hook if I decide not to add more height to the petals on the outermost round but I'd like to have it finished including sewing the bottom edge together to fix the petals in place and attaching some method for pinning it to hair, hat, headband or scarf etc.
  • the black headband is on its last row and then needs its ribbon threaded through.  EZ PZ
  • the black and white zigzag bookmark begun last spring is about one third of intended lenth.  would like to have it done but if enough other goals are met I'd be happy with doubling its length.
  • the white lacy band that looks like a bookmark but is to be a bow like those beside it is part of the set of bows and flowers for Mom's sweater.  I began this last night and the main crocheting is done now it needs making into a bow and tails tucked and pin hot-glued on back along with the rest of the bows.

    As soon as this is off the hook I want to make an infant headband with the same thread and stitch which is a row of two chain stitches over a skipped stitch and in the following rows the two chains are attached to the tiny loops in the row below with a single crochet wrapped around the chain not into one of the stitches.  I like the stretchy feel of the fabric created this way so much I began the lilac book mark immediately after realizing I had to stop making rows on this one.  I have a concept for a tank top or sleeveless summer top but it may be beyond my skill level
  • the green flower which is part of the set for Mom's sweater was begun while at her 80th bday party on the 8th and 'finished' last night but I goofed bad on it and am going to have to do it over.  The #9 hook had been inside the tube of the green thread.  If I had gotten it out to complete this project which should have been completed for Mom's birthday I would have found the hook.  But I didn't get it out partly because I couldn't find the hook.
  • the blue flower below the row of bows was begun today and is the first in another set of flowers for Mom's sweater done in a new pattern and intended to be twice the size of the other set.  That is only the first row of petals and there will be at least two and maybe three.  I would like to have at least this one in a completed state to serve as a pattern for the rest by next week.  This one is the learning one and may not be good enough to be a keeper.  If this concept works I have a plan for a very large project to use it for.  Possibly for my Secret Santa giftee or possibly to grace my own new home.
  • the two toned pink strip is intended to be a small pocket book or checkbook cover.  It was begun last fall and used to be further along but I discovered a mistake and took out two rows.  By next Sunday I would like to have a second strip matching the one seen.  That represents five rows.
  • the pink rose and the purple rose represent two of a Sister Set of bookmarks.  I want to crochet the blue rose and the three green stems and the three green leaf sets this week.
  • the two teeny turquoise flowers represent two of the four or more motifs in the center of a bookmark.  Once the set of motifs is finished and tails tucked I can begin creating the web of chains they will be set in.  The web will be framed in a row of double crochet and that edged with more chains and picots.  I would like to get the rest of the motifs made and begin the webbing.  This is worked with size 20 thread as is the black and white zigzag.  Everything else is size 10.

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