Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winding Down

I have whined frequently over the last three years--since the beginning of my crochet obsession--about the bulk of the balls of thread I have to carry around in projects, store when awaiting their next project and pack up and schlep along with me for my months long visits at my mom's.

I'm finally doing something about it.  I had taken a few of the big fat tubes before.  Usually ones that were involved in a project and already half gone.  But now I'm going to make it the rule rather than the exception as I've finally solved one of the issues holding me back--how to attach the label containing color name and lot number.  It is one thing to have done it with a color involved in a project.  It is quite another to do it to the entire collection of several dozen colors.

My solution was to cut the pertinent section of label out (see in center of tray in top pic) and then fold it into a ring sized tube.  Then string the thread thru it and make a big loop about eight to ten inches long.  Then lay the middle of that loop across the middle of a packing peanut and wrap it around pinning the end in place.  Then continue wrapping the thread around the peanut creating a ball while holding the label on the loop out of the way.  

It is tedious but so worth it when I can cut the volume of my project kits by more than half as shown in this picture where it turned a bulky two ball project into a purse or pocket project.

Winding the thread off the tubes is a project I can do while watching video, or listening to podcasts or audio books or even visiting with family.  It can even be very soothing and meditative to do while just day dreaming.

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Anonymous,  1/28/2012 9:07 PM  

I think it's so cool that you crochet! I'm a knitter myself. Yes, it is relaxing!

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