Friday, January 20, 2012

Open Mic Night at The Electric Bean

Jeremy Jones @ The Electric Bean
on Open Mic Night in Longview WA

Jeremy Jones was one of the entertainers to take the stage at The Electric Bean's Open Mic Night here in Longview WA this evening.  I understand he wrote the songs he sang.  I quite enjoyed them.  His fb page, which I linked to his name at the beginning of this paragraph, says that he attended Mark Morris High School which makes him a fellow alumni tho I'm sure many years after me :)

I'm here at The Electric Bean with my sister Carri just hanging out listening to music and drinking coffee at this family friendly Internet cafe in Longview WA.  I wish I had something like this available near me in Phoenix OR for NaNoWriMo in the month of November.  One had to go south to Ashland or north to Grants Pass for artist friendly hangouts with WIFI access.  Especially if you want to hang around longer than it takes to drink your coffee and not have to keep ordering in order to 'rent' your table.

Well I guess I need to wrap this up now as I've nearly used up my battery and didn't bring my power cord.  Besides it is almost 11PM.

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