Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Future in Bloom

Today I spent another six hours over at my in-law's house doing laundry and working on the room we moved out of last week, packing up miscellaneous stuff and cleaning.  Among the things I found today and brought home with me were these two glass roses.  The blue one was a birthday gift from my sister and the purple one an Xmas gift from my sister-in-law.  Both in the first couple of years we lived in that room and both of them were packed away in bubble-wrap and cardboard and tucked away in safe places awaiting the day I was able to display them without fear of breaking them.

There are several more such items I've still to discover among the boxes we've moved over--a set of white flannel bedding, some candles in decorative holders, a trio of ceramic snowmen, wine glasses, coffee mugs.  All nice little touches for making a house a home that had been tucked away along with my dreams of a home of my own for most of a decade.

They are going to have to wait another month to be put to proper use as Friday morning I'm leaving so spend a month at my mom's in Longview WA.  I have one more full day to spend in my new home and will be spending it packing which I haven't started yet as I needed some of the clothes still in the laundry bags over in our old room.

So by this time tomorrow I need to be packed all but the very last minutes items and at this minute I'm not sure how I'm going to manage as I'm so stiff, sore and tired I fear I may have to crawl back to the bedroom and if it follows the pattern of the past week the day after each of my days of packing and cleaning in that room has been worse than the evening after.

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