Saturday, January 07, 2012

Beyond Thought

Beyond Thought by Diane Ong
(yep, another Ong.  Can't get enough.
  I would like a poster of this one for
the closet door of my new office)

I don't have time to think.  Just do.  I have to be ready to leave for Portlant OR where we're holding Mom's 80th birthday bash in less than ten hours.  It is already looking doubtful I'm going to get to sleep before either.

Last minute.  That's me.

So gotta get busy tucking tails, sewing buttons in center of flowers and pins on back of flowers and bows and if there is a couple of hours to spare and I'm not desperate for sleep I'd like to make two more bows and two more flowers--in white and pastel green.

Here is a pic from a previous post of the bows and flowers:

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