Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ah, the Joy of Books!

I spent an hour today on the Longview library catalog ordering books on my sister's card for her to pick up for me later this wee.  I still hope to have a visit to the library itself before I leave town but there is no room on this week's agenda for it.

Earlier today on fb someone had shared this video and I began to plan immediately for it to be part of today's post.  I had hoped for this post to go up in the afternoon but I was unable to view the video all the way thru as it kept stalling out after ten seconds or so and either the page, shockwave or the browser itself would crash.  It wasn't until that had happened over a dozen times and also with three other videos that it dawned on me that I'd not restarted my netbook since before I left home last Friday.  I only hibernated that day seconds before walking out the door.  I can't remember when the last restart had even been.

So the restart cured the problem and when I finally got to watch this video a few minutes ago I was in awe and watched it several times.  I guess you could say it brought me joy.  I wish I could have been there to help handle the books for this stop motion gala.  I love handling books.

Well I had another laid back day that included reading, watching videos, surfing fun stuff, visiting with family on and off line and I'm starting to feel rejuvinated.

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