Monday, January 09, 2012


Today I allowed myself a very laid back day.  It was the first day since the middle of October when I did not feel I had something urgent pressing in on my--a deadline, a project, a commitment, and illnesses (mine or other's)...

I can't really say that I was being a couch potato as the picture implies as compared to three weeks ago when I was still living most of my hours in a small room I am a great deal more active.  But I did do a lot of sitting and staring at the wall, I read, I watched a video, I surfed fun stuff online, I visited with my Mom for hours, I fiddled around organizing what will be my computer work station for the next month, I played Word with Friends on fb with my sister, Jamie, while chatting with her, I made lunch for Mom and myself while my sister, Carri, was off helping a friend move.

I had promised myself a day like this as soon as Mom's bday bash was over.  I thought of it as a single day for recharging and then jumping back into the work for upcoming deadlines, projects, commitment (let's hope no illnesses)...

But I don't want to return to the frazzled state I've been in for several months.  I want another day lie today tomorrow.

And I'm thinking I can have one and still accomplish much toward those commitments.  Much of the reading I did today was for a review/giveaway in a blog tour I'm participating in in February.  I am participating in two which means reading two books but one of the boos is a sequel and the author provided Book 1 as well which I started shortly before Xmas and am nearly finished.  If it hadn't been for all of the urgent commitments I could have read it in a day or two but reading had to go low on the priority list as prepping Xmas gifts and Mom's bday gift, three blog tour reviews, the flu, and moving into a new place while packing for a trip all took precedent.  Now, for a few days, I am free to read, play, watch videos and other fun relaxing things.

But I'm not really going to be a couch potato as one of those fun and relaxing things I plan to do is bounce on the mini-tramp.  Another is go to the library that was the one I grew up with, the one where I had my first library card.

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