Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Criminal Minds Marathon

I've been having a Criminal Minds marathon since Friday night, watching between three and five episodes per night.  The DVDs belong to acquaintances of my sister so can't go home with me.  I had seen only three or four episodes before this and those two or more years ago and all from the middle of season 1 and which I barely remembered more than a few images from.

My favorite characters are Spenser Reid and Penelope Garcia.  Most of the comedy relief seems to involve one or the other of them.  And a show like this needs comedy relief or the brutality of the criminal minds they must get inside would be too intense and overwhelming.

As it is I find my eyes flinching away from the screen often. I find getting inside the minds of villains difficult which is why so many of my stories stall when they walk on stage. 

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