Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today's strikes and blackouts across the internet, calls to congress and various efforts to spread the word and educate an oblivious populace about the implications of these laws for their daily web activities has had an effect.  Word is several of the congress persons intending to vote yes on SOPA and/or PIPA have backed down.  But now another one called OPEN had been proffered, co-sponsored by my own Oregon Senator, Ron Wyden.  I had really expected better of him, having seen plenty of evidence that he was Internet savvy and understood the implications for the economy if not civil rights.

I confess I was one of the oblivious just a few days ago.  It was the following video posted on fb that got my attention and explained it to me:

Imagine a day without YouTube.

Imagine a day without facebook, Twitter, Google, Blogger, Wordpress, Wikipedia.

Imagine a day without LOLcats!!

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