Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Sister Time

My sister took me to The Electric Bean, an internet cafe in Longview this evening.  We'd thought to enjoy their usual Friday entertainments--open mic, bands, concerts--which often last past 10pm.  But the band had finished up early and the crowd had thinned so they were preparing to close in ten minutes as we walked in.

Carri went ahead and ordered our coffees.  She got decaff but I braved a fully caffinated Breve.  At 9pm!!

While she was doing that I sat down at that table you see in the pic above and got my netblook out of my bag which I'd brought especially so I could get on Facebook and announce my status as beein @The Electric Bean.  I had never done that before--gotten on fb from a public place and announced my location.

Shortly after that Carri asked a young lady wandering around with a camera if she could take a picture of the two of us with my camera with the mural in the background that Carri had painted a couple years ago.  A better picture of the mural taken shortly after it was completed is re-posted below.

Carri and hung out sipping out coffees until ten after 9.  Nobody was rushing us out.  But as soon as it looked like they were done with the closing cleanup routine Carri ushered me out to the van.

We intend to return next Friday for open mic.

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