Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I See Out My Window

The barn across the fence of my brother-in-laws back yard

I have a thing for old barns. Don't know where it comes from unless it is nostalgia from visits to grandparents and cousins in early childhood or maybe a vividly imaged scene from a novel which I've forgotten about and lost all but a faint memory of a scene in or near an old barn. I even set some major scenes of one of my own stories in a barn once. That manuscript was lost but that scene still haunts me.

Anyway. I discovered this fascinating blog a couple weeks ago and have been considering sending a photo taken out my window but wasn't very inspired by the views of the other trailers out our windows. But after putting together yesterday's post featuring all the pics taken in, from and of the camper we're staying in this week, I decided now was a good time to participate.

Who knows, maybe I'll go ahead and send What I See Out My Window a pic from one of the trailer windows when we get back. Because it hadn't occurred to me until creating the pic above and the ones of Goliath the Basset and the green lawn chairs featured in yesterday's post that any pic taken through the window could be cropped to feature something, well, less uninspiring than the neighbor's aluminum carport roof piled with rusted wire fencing and plywood.

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