Saturday, May 08, 2010

No Kitteh Am I

You werkz 2 hard. Lernz frum kitteh: take moar naps--btween loadz, durrin loadz & on loadz.  den u luuuv lawndree like kittehs

Just a tired bundle of aches and pains.

Almost forgot to post. And when I remembered I almost said Oh forget it.

I'm typing nearly normally again. As long as I hit the e, d and c with the very tip of my finger I'm safe. (see yesterday's post re burned fingers.) Was crocheting again by this afternoon but had to slow down to take care not to poke left-middle finger with hook as that finger held the loops on the hook. When I was too nervous to hold that finger so close to the moving hook last night, I started tucking tails in the bookmarks made over the last two weeks and by this afternoon I had them all tucked. (6x14) + (2x19)

That's a lot of tails. 6 striped bookmarks had 14 tails apiece. 19 had 2 tails each. In case you're clueless about crochet, the tails are the ends of the thread left hanging when a color is started or stopped. Tucking them involves weaving a tapestry needled through the loops of the crocheted item, threading the 1-2 inch tail into the eye and pulling it through then trimming whatever pokes out the other side.

I can tell you it's tricky trying to do laundry and wash your hair without touching anything warmer than body heat with the middle finger of your left hand. But I survived. And have clean clothes, clean hair, clean me and now...I'm clean outta thoughts.

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