Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Joke is On Me.

The book I started yesterday? That 509 page novel due at the library today? With the 30 something request queue last time I looked? That book I read last night for 15 straight hours giving up with 130 pages to go at 1:30 this afternoon in order to get a 2.5 hour nap before dinner?

That book? The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown?

Yeah. It just renewed for me.

Apparently the library now has 35 copies in the system and if I'd taken care of renewals directly after midnight this morning I could have known that then.

Now I've got to decide between:

  • finishing the book anyway
  • watching Twilight for the second time
  • or sleeping

It's hard to leave off with the protagonist having just apparently drowned in a locked box full of water and his lady sidekick strapped to a stone table about to become a blood sacrifice. But I've got another 3 to 4 hours of reading left and not sure I have that many hours of open eyes left and what are the chances I'd find an easier place to stop in the latter fifth of a thriller like this?

Twilight was due today too and does have to go back in the morning. Sure I've seen Twilight once. But that was a year ago and I'm now 4th in line for my turn for New Moon DVD and would like a refresher on the story first. Have yet to read the novels even though I've had all four on my shelf since before Thanksgiving. Loaned to me by my niece. Should have just got in q at the library as I'd probably have read them by now if I'd had a due date to kick my butt.

Sleep. Ah. Now that is the most tempting. And yet the least likely choice unless it chooses for me.

Meanwhile my hands are itching to pick up the crochet hook which I haven't touched in 24 hours now. Longest hiatus in ten days or more. I don't dare though. 'Cause I'd likely not put it down again before dawn.

So. No. It's either the book the movie or sleep. And the crochet hook MUST wait on a good night's sleep.

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