Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Serenity #180

Have series 3 of Dr Who out of library and it was due on Thursday so it has been my focus this weekend. I watched 6 episodes and one special feature of an hour's length between dinner and dawn last night and four more so far this afternoon. That leaves four more to watch before Ed leaves in the morning plus whatever of the extra features (outtakes, deleted scenes, Dr Who confidential episodes) I care to fit in. The box says there are over 6 hours of bonus features tho and I don't imagine I'll even try to get them all so I may not bother with any.

The bonus feature I watched last night was the one called Music and Monsters. The documentary about the concert they held for a children's charity in Wales featuring all the theme music from the series along with appearances of several of the monsters--Dalek, Cyborg, Santa Robots and more.

I could save time by skipping the titles at beginning and end of each episode but I can't bear to skip the music. It has truly grown on me since I first heard it several months ago with the first episode of series 1. As has the series itself.

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