Monday, May 10, 2010

Sick Kitty


[Update: Bradley avoided surgery last night by yuckking up a wad of dried grass just prior. A redo of the x-ray showed an absence of the blockage. Vet is keeping him for observation and to slowly re-introduce food.]

My nephew's cat, Bradley, is in surgery at this hour in Vancouver, Washington. He's got an intestinal blockage. Possibly a rubber band.

This poor kitty has had more than his share of misfortune. He was a rescue kitten found on side of rode with a leg broken by a bullet or shotgun pellet. That is why his left hid leg sticks out to side.

This pic was taken by my dad shortly after Bradley joined the family in 2005. I took the rest of the pics during my visit last year. The cat post Bradley perches on up top was built by my Dad and a different nephew just a few weeks before Dad died in 2005.

One of Bradley's fav perches is the high window sill in my Mom's room. We marvel how he gets up there (the sill is at level of my nose) even with the curtain closed without snagging its delicate fabric.

He loves looking down on the tree from which the birds scold the neighbor's dogs.

He also loves to be wherever my nephew is and usually, if he's awake, that's at the computer.

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