Monday, May 03, 2010

My Own Personal Read-a-Thon

Iz readn fast ai can k?

Ever since the read-a-thon April 18, I've been virtually inundated by library items which I've been in queue for for weeks or months--DVD and books. All of which will not renew and nost of which would require another long wait for another turn if I don't watch or read them this time.

Today I started Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. The day before it is due!! I've got until early Thursday morning to read 480 more pages without incurring a fine. I calculate (based on how long it took me to read the first 30 pages) that it will take between 18 to 20 hours of reading to finish. I need to carve that out of the next 58 hours.

There are also several DVD due this week. Two tomorrow. One of those is Twilight which I have seen before. Nearly a year ago though and I'm in queue for New Moon and would like to re-watch Twilight first. My turn for New Moon is about a month out now and it would be hard to get Twilight back again in time.

So my plan for tonight is to read until my eyes rebel and then watch Twilight.

In order to manage this though I will have to put down the crochet hook. And I am seriously addicted. I've crocheted 50 bookmarks in the last ten days. Have two more on the hooks. And to make it even harder on me, I received a surprise package in the mail from my sister that contained 8 partial balls of crochet thread. All but two are well over half full to nearly full. 4 are variegated in shades and/or color combos I don't have in variegated. She picked all that up at a thrift store for approximately the same amount I've been paying for a single ball. One of the balls has a label stating the price at 35 cents which dates at least that one as several decades old like the ones handed over to me from my husband's grandmother's sewing basket. All of the thread has a similar look and feel so I'm assuming they are all of similar age though only the one has a label to provide any clues.

All but one is size 10 thread but one of them is a blue and white variegated size 30 which is a much slenderer thread and makes a lacier more delicate item. I've already made a bookmark from that one. Could not resist in spite of having two on the hook already.

Oh boy. Now I've got myself all worked up over them again. I can feel my palms actually itching for the hook and thread. But I musn't. I really mustn't.

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