Friday, May 07, 2010

Fire and Ice

Burned three fingers on my left hand while doing dishes this evening. Index, middle & ring. Right on the pads. So I'm not typing normally right now. A combination of right handed hunt and peck and some help from the on-screen keyboard.

This happened because I set a pan back on the stove while prepping the sink not realizing my MIL had unintentionally left it on low earlier. That pan was the next to last thing to wash when I grabbed it latter. And immediately dropped it, just missing my bare foot. What a clatter.

It's been nearly four hours and I still can't keep my finger free of an ice-cold rag or cup of ice water without the pain escalating to nausea inducing levels within 15 seconds. Can't handle a book that way nor crochet.

Maybe a DVD. A good story could distract me.

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