Friday, May 21, 2010

Packed and Ready

wearz u thinks u going?  ai dont thinkz so

To stay.

Another three days.

I got up before ten this morning and began packing for the expected return home this afternoon or evening.

I had all but the last minute stuff packed by noon.

Then got the word about 3pm that the work on the bathroom remodel at home would not be complete today and not only that, the contractor had a prior commitment for this weekend and needed to stop work at five today and could not start again until Monday morning.

So it will be afternoon on Monday the soonest he can have the water back on there. And Ed has to work Monday so it could be I'll have to wait until evening to return even if we get the all clear in the afternoon. Or expose my profligate packing to my in-laws again not to mention needing their help to schlep it out to their car.

My packing has been a family joke for some years now. I do not pack light.

This time I really tried. And did so well at it in regards to clothes that in packing for 2 days away I was able to stretch it to four when our stay was extended for 5. When we stopped by the house yesterday to pick up a few necessities for our last 24 hours, I was able to resist taking more than a single days worth of stuff--a flannel shirt and a turtleneck shirt that could be layered, a fleece jacket that could be worn as a second or third layer with any of the tops I already had with me and my denim jacket for yesterday's running to the library and Wal-Mart because I'd not packed any jackets or long sleeves.

Because last week's weather had been summery and I packed with the expectation that it would continue to be so. Ha. Hardy. Ha.

And I grabbed only two more books. Which weren't even for me but for my niece as they were related to a paper she was working on.

So when I got the word we were staying another three days, I knew I couldn't make it that long without another run into the house unless I washed up the clothes we had with us. But I had to wait my turn for the machine and by the time I got my load started it was too late to get it dry before dark. Inn fact before everybody who could escort me between house and camper would be in bed. The load probably finished drying about 10pm but it's still sitting in the house. It had our PJs in it--the warmest clothing either of us had before yesterday.

Another thing I resisted dragging out here with me yesterday was my food supplements. I had originally brought enough in my pill sorters to see me through Thursday. I grabbed my prescriptions but left the rest thinking I would be back home in time to get the Friday doses no more than 4-6 hours late. I'm not asking Ed to make a trip back for them so I guess we'll see how I do for three days without my Focus Factor, B, potassium, iron, C, etc. etc. etc.

Merlin is finally acting more like his old self. And I should say older self as in younger self--I haven't had to say 'no' to him so many times in a single day since he was a kitten.

The weather was nasty cold and wet and windy all day today. February-like not late May. It's very strange. So of course dirt track races were called off for tomorrow. That's fine with though. I'm not loosing my longed for home alone day but rather gaining some extra one-on-one time with Ed. That is one of the pluses of this whole ordeal--the privacy Ed and I have here in the camper. Something that has been rare since August 2001.

Well, I think I'm going to wrap this up now and read for awhile--until my hands get to cold to hold the book open. Then maybe I'll crawl up in the bed loft with my netbook and DVD player and Dr Who Series 3 and watch a few episodes. That was due at the library Thursday but I held onto it for the weekend. I haven't started watching yet so I need to watch 14 episodes by the time Ed leaves for work Monday.

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