Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Last Minute Artiste

Am going to be starting this book immediately after posting. Its due at the library tomorrow. I'm going to read straight through for as much as I can until I finish it or until I need to get ready to go to the library or until my eyes give out. It is 243 pages and they aren't large pages tho the prose is of the sort I'm likely to savor so I can't speed-read.

Why am I just now starting it when it is due tomorrow which must mean I've had it in my possession for a time [three weeks actually] and could get it again eventually?

Good question. Can't answer it. Stubborn maybe. Or don't want to live with the regret and disappointment after sending it back. It's set her beside my computer for the last two weeks and I keep promising myself that just as soon as _______ [fill in the blank] I'll pick it up.

There are 5 people in queue for it and only one copy in the system so if every one of those 5 do what I did, it would be five months before I could hope to see it again.

Yep, Ms Last Minute. That's me. I'm an artiste at procrastination. Also at overcommitment.

Maybe if it were just any old story I could let it go and wait for half a year for another turn. But it is a story that muses upon story telling itself, upon words and their uses in prose and poetry, upon beauty and how we dare to imagine we can create it with our words.... Listen to the author, Nicholson Baker, muse on the writing of this book in the vid below:

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