Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wobbly Wednesday

Yesterday was such a good day. It was my first day to just hang in my newly put together room, to relax in it and soak up the good feelings of accomplishment; to start to implement some of the routines that the whole project had been set in motion to make possible.

I woke Tuesday morning at eleven-thirty after sleeping for over thirteen hours. I knew such a catch up sleep had to happen soon as I had been sorely sleep depriving myself since the beginning of NaNo. But the first week of January I had even less then the worst week of NaNo while working at a physically demanding task at that.

So when I felt sleep overwhelming me on Monday evening after dinner I was grateful. It was a sign that I was relaxing. I gave into it and slept. Then woke feeling as newly put together as the room.

By noon Tuesday I'd washed my face and combed my hair, made the bed and fetched coffee and yogurt from the kitchen. I spent the next hour meditating and listening to Marianne Williamson on Oprah and Friends radio, an XM station which we get on our Direct TV. I had discovered this during the room project while looking for something to listen to as I worked which would not have pictures to distract me or tempt me to stand still and watch. I often had it tuned in on both the front room and bedroom TV so I could go back and forth between rooms without fearing I'd miss an important word.

The things I'd been listening to on Oprah and Friends helped me get through that project. It kept me energized and hopeful. I've continued to listen to it frequently since the room project has retreated back into the room.

That noon hour on Tuesday though had been so special that I had high hopes of repeating it today. Possibly even making it my daily routine. Especially after the rest of the day bloomed out of that hour with my writing taking off again and other things just falling into place.

But it didn't happen.

I lost control of the events.

First, Ed got home from work shortly after ten and crawled back into bed. That's the way of seasonal jobs. Fourteen hour days in December followed by four hour days in January. We both fell back to sleep and when I next woke it was ten after twelve.

Ed brought me coffee but had not put the lid back on firmly and as I was raising it to my lips he was crawling back onto his side of the bed (he kept the side next to the wall of books) and jostled me. I spilled coffee down my front and into my lap. Great big coffee and milk stains on my freshly washed pjs. Apparently though, that was in part a blessing, because my pjs caught it all. I couldn't find anything on the quilt we had put on the bed Monday evening. A quilt made by Ed's Aunt.

Then Ed decided that he wanted use that time to switch out the casters on my new desk. Which meant moving everything off of it. Which made it impossible for me to listen to my show or meditate or to finish waking up and get centered.

While clearing the stuff off the utility cart which is my desk now, I discovered that my laptop had done another restart overnight. That was like the last straw because I'd left projects open just so that I could slip back into them easily and get several small tasks done before I went to the library that afternoon.

It didn't help that the water in the trailer park had been off since 11PM Tuesday night and still wasn't back on at noon.

It came back on around one. I started getting ready to go to the library. I took my clean clothes along with dirty clothes that could go in a load with my pjs and before I returned to the room, I treated the stains and started that load.

By the time I got back to the room, Ed had the wheels swapped out on the utility cart and had my laptop and books reloaded onto it. The wheels do roll better on the carpet. It is still work to tug it around but it is doable.

Ed drove me to the library in his Dad's car as it was spitting rain and snow. It wasn't bad, I could have walked but it was nice to have the ride.

We learned today that a week from today is the last day the Phoenix branch will be open in its temp building. The building they moved into over eighteen months ago for supposedly six months. After next Wednesday the Phoenix branch will be closed for two weeks and then reopen in its new building on February 4th.

Another good thing to report is that the writing continues. I've been surfing around the files of my ten novels in progress. Just playfully dipping in, adding lines when something occurs to me, reminding myself of what is there and what needs to be done. I'm in the process of choosing which one to zero in on as THE one I will finish this year.

Yet another good thing: I found my camera's USB cable. I can now get the pictures of the room project off of the camera. I hope to do a TT with those pictures tomorrow.

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