Monday, January 14, 2008

Taking My Measurements

I need to post on the fly tonight so I can get back to my storyworld. One more day to go for the 70 Days of Sweat challenge.

This is a picture of my cat Merlin trying to help me take measurements during the room re-do project. He loves the retractable measuring tape and kept grabbing at it every chance he got.

The box of Fruit Loops is not there for a handy snack. I was much to busy to think about food that day. Nor would they be higher than #699 on any list of my likely snackables. If you want to know what it was there for, come back for this week's TT which will be pictures taken during the process of putting the room back together again after it had been stripped to the bare bones.

I know I promised after pictures this week but I discovered I don't yet have thirteen after pictures tho I do have nearly twice that many of the process. So I must go with what I have while I continue to take after pictures for next week's TT.

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