Monday, January 07, 2008

Back In the Sauna With Sven

I took a longer hiatus from the 70 Days of Sweat Challenge than I intended after I crossed the NaNo finish line. I still owe Sven 20K. Actually come to think of it my NaNo project, Spring Fever topped the 50K by over 1K so...

Anyway NaNo was followed by a two week trip out of town and then frantic preparations for Christmas. I tried to get back to writing the week between Christmas and New Years but I was too distracted by the chaos in my writing environment. So when my in-laws left town on New Years afternoon for a planned week long vacation on the coast, I began the long dreamed of project of deep cleaning our room which I covered here in some detail. I had anticipated it would take three days but it took six.

But now I've got a new workstation which I am anxious to test drive and I intend to treat the last nine days of 70 Days Round II as seriously as I treated the last nine days of NaNo. I started writing again this afternoon. I've not looked at word count yet. It is too soon. Besides I am not doing this for word count. I'm not even doing it for Sven. I am doing it for story.

And maybe in no small measure for my sanity. The unintended hiatus since November 30 was the longest, in fact three times longer than any break I've taken since July 8 when I signed on to the first round of 70 Days. To say I missed it is to miss say it. It would be truer to say that in the weeks I was not writing my stories I was missing myself.

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Ann 1/08/2008 6:40 PM  

Congrats on finishing your rearranging. Enjoy your new workstation, and having a new space in which to write.

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