Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Say Goodbye To the Sweaty Guy

Or at least Adieu for a few.

70 Days of Sweat

Yes, master.

Sven Round II is done. But a Round III is in the works so stay tuned.

Goodbye isn't quite the right word since there will be another round nor do I intend to take the sweaty guy off my sidebar for the hiatus because that is my link to the links of all the other participants. There is a lot of good writing going on out there. I had to severely limit my surfing to and reading of it during this round so I hope to catch up with some of it in the next few weeks.

They are telling us at 70 Days of Sweat site to check back on February 1st for news about Round III.

As for my Sven Round II outcome? I missed the 70K mark by 5-7K but I still feel like a success. When I first chose to get involved with Sven last July, I consciously chose not to get hung up on word count as the primary measure of accomplishment. For me it was about instilling work habits and making room for story making in my routines.

I’m looking forward to round 3 but I’m not going to wait for it to continue working with my stories.

BIG BIG Thanks to all the sponsors for their efforts and time and the same to all the participants for being part of it and adding to that sense of community and a shared commitment and caring. It so helps to know you are not alone and that what you want is not outrageous or weird or irrelevant to ‘real’ life.

(Yes, if you've been over to read the goodbye post and its comments you saw some of those last paragraphs there. I cribbed it off there. You aren't having a weird de ja vu.)

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70 Days of Sweat

Yes, master.

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